Lymph Regulation with Michele Nelson & Kelly Kennedy

What can you expect in these three hours with the Lymph Guru Michelle & Lymph Queen Kelly?


Well...all things lymph of course!


In this class you are going to learn:


  • Why the lymphatic system is the filter that needs way more maintenance and attention!

  • How to give your lymphatic system the maintenance and attention that it needs

  • Learning the importance of draining instead of detoxing

  • Ways to support the lymphatic system in everyday life


Our modern day society currently consisting of stagnant lifestyles, processed foods, and toxic products etc endorses a stagnant, non- flowing, non functioning lymphatic system. As long as the lymph is not flowing, cellular debris, toxins etc are held onto by the body, which then burdens the body and our systems from functioning.


This is a huge problem!!


We have neglected our lymphatic system for far too long, and in doing such we are the ones paying the price with our health. It is time that we become aware and knowledgable about the subject matter so that we can make choices that support this part of our body rather than burden it.



This class is for you:


  • If you are looking to enhance your overall health

  • if you are interesting in having a better recovery from athletic engagement or sports

  • if you want better quality sleep

  • if you can’t get to the root cause of their/your illness

  • if you are a practitioner who feels stuck with their clients

  • if you have chronic sinus issues, constipation, or gut issues that are unresolvable 

  • this class is for the people who are tired of taking supplements and are ready to do physical--therapy on themselves guided by a practitioners to help their body drain out their toxic load, instead of moving the toxins around


Although so many people are trying to heal, cleanse, detox...they often fail to see long lasting results because they are not doing such things through the lens of their lymphatic system.


We acknowledge the essential role that the lymphatic system has in the bodies ability to heal, cleanse, flow, and regulate. For this reason we want to teach you all about the lymphatic system and what you can do to support it so can become an optimal, thriving version of you!


When our lymphatic system is unable to properly drain then it does not matter what we do, our body is going to be burdened by toxins and stagnation and will not be able to function properly.


This class will ensure that you know how to enhance lymphatic drainage, we are excited to see you there!