Breath & Emotions with Ian Kennedy & Kelly Kennedy

What can you expect from our favorite Biological Guru, Ian Kennedy and our Biological Investigator Kelly Kennedy?


Only the best of course!


Our breath is capable of drastically impacting our emotions and -- how we deal with our emotions has a direct impact on our bodies ability to regulate.


In this course Ian and Kelly are going to help understand how your emotions are intimately tied to your bodies ability function and regulate. They will then provide strategies and techniques that will help you become unburdened by your emotions and more fluid with all that you experience!


In this class you will learn:


  • how to become aware of your emotions and how to work through any feeling that arises

  • become less rigid and more in touch and understanding of yourself and the world around you

  • how every breath effects every system in the body

  • alternative ways to manage your mind specifically through breath


Throughout our lives we are constantly experiencing situations and circumstances that provoke and elicit emotions. However, we often fail to acknowledge that we have choice in how we interpret our emotions. We can allow them to either burden our mind and thus burden our body who support our mind and thus support our body.


This class is for you:


  • if you are interested in becoming less rigid in your life and more fluid with and through all that you experience

  • if you are personally dealing with depression, anxiety, & overwhelm, or have a client that is dealing with depression, anxiety & overwhelm

  • if you are interested in learning strategies and techniques that will help support your emotional experiences



We acknowledge the impact that emotions have on our physical body and that until we unburden ourselves from the emotional traumas our bodies regulation will continue to be disrupted.


For this reason we believe it is essential to take this class so you too can learn how to unpack your emotional baggage and be en-lightened by your new perspective and awareness.