Relax & Restore 

The FLOWpresso® system is a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment, to enhance physical and mental wellbeing and restore health.

What is FLOWpresso?

FLOWpresso® is a uniquely engineered therapeutic experience, clinically proven to improve

sleep and reduce stress, positively impacting the quality of your life.

FLOWpresso® operates through a comfortable and snug state-of-the-art bodysuit, applying

revolutionary technology that combines three distinct therapies into one easy, efficient, and

effective restorative treatment.

The FLOWpresso® 3-in-1 system features:

how does it work?

A nano vibrational therapy disc is also added to the bodysuit, situated near the neck during your treatment. The impact of NVT is influenced by the environmental and mental aspects of life. This is where FLOWpresso® comes in; temperature is one of the main environmental influencers of nano vibrations. The far-infrared technology used during your FLOWpresso

experience helps stimulate the interaction between the NVT disc and your body. It changes the speed of the nano vibrations within the body, encouraging healing and complimenting the benefits originating from FLOWpresso. Therefore, the NVT disc is positively impacting the energetic systems that may be out of balance within the body, while also supporting the flow and movement being provided by the FLOWpresso experience.

Understanding NVT

Much like heartbeats and breathing rates, which are examples of physiological rhythms that

we can see, feel and measure. Nano vibrations are vibrations that work on a smaller scale,

interacting with the foundations and functions of your body at a more refined level through

electromagnetic energy waves. This type of therapy changes your energy waves on a

fundamental and structural level without being invasive.

FLOWpresso® has shown to:


o Improve the quality of your sleep and reduce stress

o Increase energy and overcome fatigue

o Promote mental alertness

o Reduce anxiety

o Improve self-esteem and minimise emotional responses

o Improve sports performance, recovery and endurance

o Enhance mobility and flexibility

o Support weight management

o Restore balance and support natural self-healing mechanisms


Relaxation Mode is akin to receiving a gentle human hug; FLOWpresso® is a low-risk natural

therapy that allows this process.

Sports Mode is akin to receiving a full body squeeze; allowing the body to recognise where it

is holding tension. FLOWpresso® encourages you to release this tension and increase

flow/detoxification in the body.

Lying horizontally and fully clothed, the state-of-the-art bodysuit gently wraps your limbs,

abdomen and feet. An eye mask and headphones can be added for extra ambience.

As the session starts, you will feel a gentle squeezing sensation as the air chambers of the

bodysuit inflate and deflate, moving from your feet towards your torso. This therapy

encourages flow through your body by fostering a deep sense of tranquillity. During

treatment, you may experience clarity, mindfulness and relaxation or fall asleep in your

FLOWpresso® bubble.

A session will typically last 40-minutes. Throughout your personalised journey is a fully

trained FLOWpresso® technician that will be guiding and assessing your needs, as well as

adjusting programming so you can feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Immediately after a session, you will likely feel the positive well-being effects of feeling held

and hugged. FLOWpresso® is unique, as it can target your body’s needs, whether that be

through stimulation or detoxification. Each person will experience different outcomes and


You can receive FLOWpresso® therapy as often as twice a week, but we recommended you

have a break of three days in between each session.

Clinically proven

FLOWpresso® benefits are well supported by clinical trials, testimonials and case studies

from clients and health professionals.

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