HRV Comprehension with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen & Kelly Kennedy

What can you expect other then four hours of brilliance with Rasmus (the genius behind Sound of Soul (HRV technology)) & our Biological Investigator, Lymph Queen Kelly Kennedy?


In this Class you are going to learn:


  • What Heart Rate Variability really is...

  • What HRV is indicating & assessing...

  • And how you can assess HRV data


There are so many HRV products on the market, nowadays from whoop to NerveXpress,,,and if you use a HRV device, it is so important to understand what they are assessing and how to apply this information for an optimal outcome!


Whether you are a practitioner working with a clients or a client looking to optimize your health...


This class will help you do this!! 


This HRV class will provide you a framework of what regulation is and how to indicate how the body is regulating or failing to regulate thus causing symptoms. The HRV is the foundational understanding of the body’s innate intelligence. Taking this class will help you form the premise of which you form all questions from this point forward. 


The reason so many people are not actually getting any healthier or are only seeing results for a short amount of time before they are back where they started...




You are not looking at your Heart Rate Variability.


When we look at Heart Rate Variability we can understand so much more about how the body is functioning that we otherwise could not...


It is the technology that we all need to have and utilize properly so that we can:


1.     Identify what is failing to regulate via data provided by HRV

2.     Use this information to effectively implement lifestyle changes, emotional work, therapies and supplements to help the body regain regulation


All symptoms & diseases are rooted in a lack of regulation throughout the body.

Heart Rate variability allows us to identify what aspect of the body needs priority attention and then we strategize from there.


We are certain that this is the missing piece to your life and we hope that you will join us for this amazing experience!